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Privacy Policy

This website contains pure information, without the possibility of the user to interact with the website operator in any way, except by sending e-mail (see third paragraph). No personal data gets collected by the operator of this website while you are using it, neither by the use of cookies, login-data, contact forms, comment fields, etc. nor through external statistics services like e.g. Google Analytics etc. Also, this website contains no technical links to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

When accessing this website, technical usage information gets transferred, e.g. your IP address, the web browser you are using, the operating system you are using, the timestamp of accessing the website etc. This is the case for all websites on the internet, not just this website. Your IP address can be used to roughly determine your current location (e.g. in the region of Munich etc). These pieces of information are collected by the webhosting service in order to generate an anonymous usage statistic which can be evaluated by the website operator. It is not possible however for the website operator to use this data in order to gather information about you as a person.

If you send an e-mail to the website operator in order to make contact, the e-mail you have sent is stored on the server, along with your e-mail address. This e-mail address is solely used for mutual communication and will not be passed to third parties. If you should wish to delete all your sent e-mails and your e-mail address from the server, you have the possibility to notify the website operator about this issue, who will then remove said data.

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